Surrealism Catalogue


  • [Awarded 1st Prize Overall.]
  • gallery.
      Open Call Dec 2014
  • [Awarded 1st Prize Photography & Digital Category.]
  • gallery.
      Open Call Dec 2014
  • [Awarded 'Award of Merit'.]
  • 4th Biannual Juried Competition by Four Points Contemporary Gallery.
['The Pearl Earring' is a very simplistic piece. The female form blends into the background of the deep gold and purple wallpaper. Her brilliant green eyes look confidently out to the view as part of her face is in shade. Hanging elegantly from her ear is the pearl earring, unassuming but present, the symbolic pearl takes the centre stage of the piece drawing the eye into the deep purple. The only distraction is the females eyes as she watches the viewer admire the earring and her beautiful long fingers held thoughtfully by her chin. With the shadows playing on her face you see an almost thoughtful expression as she looks from the piece. Cast in shadows she ponders the world.]
  • [Awarded Artist of the Month.]
  • The Artist List.
      Open Call Dec 2013
  • [Awarded Exhibition Place.]
  • BBDC.
      Open Call Dec 2012
  • [Awarded Exhibition Place.]
    • ERA Gallery.
 ['Balloons' is a piece that represents the period of drifting off to sleep as a child but returned to as an adult.  The feelings of warmth, peace and security a child feels as it drifts off to sleep and imagination takes hold as the wallpaper and pictures come alive.  Where the light and shadows play, the child's imagination plays through its own unique stories prompted by a busy day.  The piece aims to strimulate the same memories and emotions from the adult viewers, taking them back to feelings of calm, imagination , warmth and security.]  
  • [Awarded 'MicroMech Prize'.]
  • BDA.
      Open Call  2011
  • [Awarded 'Special Merit'.]
  • gallery.
      Open Call Dec 2014
 ['The Pool’ is a fun piece which plays with the illusion of two canvas’ being placed within close proximity of one another.  They contrast from the dirty water of an old swimming pool to the fresh light blue sky of the divers canvas.  Can the diver actually dive into the canvas ?  Does she actually want to?  The symbol of the old rusty pipes contaminated with the blue paint of the wall dripping from the top of the wallpaper and the tap brings to the fore the question of perception.  The shadow of the taps clearly display the shadow of falling water which can plainly not be seen flowing from the tap itself.]  
  • [Awarded'Highly Commended'.]
  • BDA.
      Open Call 2011

  ['The Hatstand' is a symbolic piece representing the end of journeys, emotionally and physically.  In the corner of a bare room stands a walking stick; hanging on the wall is a large ornate mirror commanding the attention of the viewer.  In the mirror is the distorted reflection of a hatstand.  In the foreground a single scarf is hanging from the reflection in the mirror.  The mirror continues to reflect itself into the distance symbolising that, although there are no journeys, there are multiple layers consolidating the choice to remain.  The size of the hatstand consolidates the viewer’s decision of actually remaining in one place, hanging one’s hat in one place; thus creating one’s home.]  


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